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Mitsubishi L200 Leaf Spring 4+1L ADC48807 MR353454

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Mitsubishi L200 Leaf Spring 4+1 Leaf (Rear) ADC48807 MR353454

This rear 4+1 leaf spring fits Mitsubishi L200 (K6_T) Gen III 1996 - 2007 & L200 (KB4T) Gen IV 2005 - 2015 models. OEM Part Number ADC48807 MR353454

Our products come fitted and ready for assembly. 

Mitsubishi L200 leaf spring, Technical Specification:
  • No. of Leafs: 4+1
  • Width: 70mm
  • Leaf Thickness: 2 x 8 mm, 2 x 6 mm, 1 x 12 mm
  • Length: 520 mm / 690 mm (1210 mm)
  • Bush Diameter: 14 mm / 16 mm

Full Specification:

  • 4+1 leaf Multileaf spring for Mitsubishi L200 (post 2006)
  • Includes helper leaf to ensure maximum load capabilities.
  • Rebound clips reduce vibration between leaves to ensure smooth ride.
  • Camber 142mm.
  • Made to exact OE specification, guaranteeing hassle free fitment.
  • 1 year warranty included.

Vehicle Compatibility

L200 K7_T K6_T - 3rd Gen [1996-2007]

2.001997ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
2.4 4WD2351ccm 132HP 97KW (Petrol)
2.5 D2477ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
2.5 TD2477ccm 90HP 66KW (Diesel)
2.5 TD 4WD2477ccm 99HP 73KW (Diesel)
2.5 TD 4WD2477ccm 100HP 74KW (Diesel)
2.5 TD 4WD2477ccm 115HP 85KW (Diesel)
2.5 TD 4WD2477ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
2.8 D2835ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
3.0 4WD2972ccm 181HP 133KW (Petrol)

L200 KB_T KA_T - 4th Gen [2005-2015]

2.5 Di-D2477ccm 128HP 94KW (Diesel)
2.5 Di-D2477ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
2.5 Di-D2477ccm 167HP 123KW (Diesel)
2.5 Di-D 4WD2477ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
2.5 Di-D 4WD2477ccm 167HP 123KW (Diesel)
2.5 Di-D 4WD2477ccm 178HP 131KW (Diesel)
2.8 D 4WD2835ccm 97HP 71KW (Diesel)
3.5i3497ccm 184HP 135KW (Petrol)

Please Note:

We supply Mitsubishi L200 leaf spring parts manufactured to the highest standards according to OE specification. The Mitsubishi L200 leaf springs are of superior quality and have all been awarded E-Marks and Quality Certificates. Our team of engineers in Poland further ensures that all of our Mitsubishi L200 leaf spring products perform to their maximum service life. If you need additional product information, we will be very happy to assist you. Please contact us. Phone: (+353) 45 848 649

Email: sale@sortisdirect.com

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