Volvo Truck Parts - Precision and Comfort

Volvo Trucks is launching a unique option to equip their trucks, combining active steering with independent front suspension. This solution provides excellent driveability and unparalleled comfort. Such a kit can be ordered for the Volvo FH and FH16 and relplaced with original Volvo Truck Parts.

Volvo truck parts precision comfort

Developed by Volvo Trucks independent front suspension consists of double A-arm independent providers movements of each wheel and crossmembers (to stabilize the suspension) and air bellows (absorb and control the vertical jumps). Independent suspension is now also available in conjunction with Active Steering. In this embodiment, the force required for steering provides hydraulic power, which has been upgraded with an electric motor coupled to the steering shaft. The engine is controlled by an electronic control unit with a frequency of several thousand times per second.

The combined set of these two systems provides a whole new level when it comes to road feel to the driver and driveabilitysays Kristin Signert, manager. The new piece of equipment especially appreciate the drivers of the long-haul, where the differences in terms of vehicle stability, precision and ease of management are particularly clearly felt because of the – typical for this type of operation – long periods of driving. What’s more, a new option greatly reduces driver effort also when driving at low speed, because the electric motor boosts support.

Independent front suspension makes the vehicle holds the road well, while the active steering system improves driver comfort and, just as importantly, reduces the risk of occupational diseases – reports Kristin Signert.

With independent suspension front wheels do not interact with each other. The result is improved liquidity and stability. By contrast, rack-and-pinion steering provides a more direct and precise steering. Active Steering system effectively reduces shocks coming from irregularities in the road surface, making them less noticeable on the steering wheel. Thus, the system not only facilitates and enhances the work of the driver but also reduces the exposure of the muscle and joint vibrations. – The driver can feel more relaxed and work in conditions conducive to health, which in the long run brings increased productivity of his work – says Kristin Signert.